What is a Chai Note™ ?

The Hebrew letters "Chet" and "Yud", gathered together, form the word "Chai", meaning "Life":

“Notes” have long been used as a symbol of one's love for music:

Torah commentary states, "a "song" is a profound and unusual spiritual phenomenon. . .rarely. . .very rarely there is a flash of insight that makes people realize how all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place."

For us, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place when we joined the word "Chai" with musical “Notes”, creating a Chai Note™ and with the realization that in fact, for many of us, music is life and life is a song:

It is with great joy that we offer to you, a new tradition, a line of products bearing our Chai Note™ symbol. Whether music is your life or your life is enriched by music, we hope you enjoy your "Chai Note"
and that it, in a small way, helps the pieces of the puzzle of your life fall into place.
May music help to draw us all, closer together!

“To Music, To Life, L’Chaim”™

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